Scenic Overlook Closed for Renovations

The Scenic Overlook is closed for construction, with a new deck expected to reopen this fall. The Nature Trail between the buildings remains open.

What You'll Find Here

This newly-renovated and expanded facility offers a variety of immersive experiences with interactive exhibits, kids’ play areas, touch pools, an observable veterinary care center, interactive water quality lab, and more. After a $28.9 million renovation and expansion, the South Building features over a dozen new species of animals, along with a longstanding favorite, the Otter Habitat. 

Homer the otter looks at camera while standing in water.

Otter Habitat

Guests can view our Otter Habitat from inside the South Building or from outside at three different vantage points.

Sea nettle jelly

Jellies Gallery

This gallery showcases several species of jelly in various stages of their life cycle, and includes a touch pool where guests can safely touch moon jellies!

Undersea Super Powers gallery

Undersea Super Powers Gallery

Learn how these superheroes of the sea use special adaptations to ward off predators, obtain food, seek a mate, and maintain a healthy balance in their ecosystem.

Our Watershed Play Area

Our Watershed

This science-based play area is designed to teach young learners about our local watershed, the animals that live in it, the science of the water cycle, and how to protect our watershed ecosystems!

Windows Into Animal Care exhibit

Windows Into Animal Care

Play the role of a veterinarian or field biologist, and observe our team at work caring for animals and testing water samples through nearby windows.

Please Note

Some interactive exhibits contain magnets that may interfere with pacemakers, ICDs, and other implanted devices. 

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