Construction Notice: Seal Perimeter Fence

As of April 18, our team is installing fencing around the perimeter of our seal exhibit for the seals’ safety and to comply with USDA regulations. The exhibit will remain accessible during normal operating hours for visitors to observe our seals, and work is expected to be completed within a few weeks.

What You'll Find Here

Our North Building, as our main building, houses most of our larger species such as sea turtles, sharks, harbor seals, Komodo dragons, and more.

Two terrapins swim against the window in the Coastal River Room

Wetlands & Watershed

Experience the diversity of life vital to regional wetlands and learn about the far-reaching importance of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Includes: terrapins, longnose gar, American crow, catfish, hellbender.

A Tomistoma peeks at the camera from just above the water

Restless Planet

Take a glimpse at environments that once existed in prehistoric Virginia by exploring similar habitats and wildlife from other parts of the world. Includes: Komodo dragons, zebra shark, spotted eagle rays, coral reef, desert animals, Tomistomas.

A close up of a lionfish

Cold Water Gallery

Get a closer look at species that inhabit cold ocean waters and the waters offshore of our area. Includes: lionfish, catsharks, coral lab, interactive exhibits.

A sandbar shark swims in the Norfolk Canyon exhibit

Norfolk Canyon Aquarium

Journey deeper into the ocean and come-face-to-face with our large shark species as well as our male sea turtle. Includes: sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks, nurse shark, loggerhead sea turtle, southern stingray, green moray eel.

A green sea turtle waves a flipper at the camera

Light Tower Aquarium

Say hello to our female sea turtles and their numerous fish friends! Includes: green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, Kemp's ridley sea turtle.

A loggerhead sea turtle scuttles across the sand towards the ocean after being released from rehabilitation at Stranding Response's rehab center

Stranding Response Exhibit

Take a peek into the important work of our nationally-recognized Stranding Response Program, with interactive exhibits and a live peek at the inside of our sea turtle rehab facility!

A close up of a stingray's face as it sits in sand.

Ray Touch Pool

Come meet our stingrays in this interactive exhibit! Includes: cownose rays, Southern stingrays, Atlantic stingrays.

A Chesapeake Bay fish close up

Chesapeake Bay Aquarium

Learn about the variety of species thriving in the Chesapeake Bay and along our shores. Includes: cownose rays, flounder, puffers, tarpon.

A whelk seen from the underside as it sticks to the acrylic window of its exhibit.

Chesapeake Bay Touch Pool

Get a closer look at some of the species that dwell in our local waters! Includes: hermit crabs, urchins, whelks.

A harbor seal swims with its face above water, eyes closed peacefully

Harbor Seal Exhibit

Located just outside of our North Building entrance, our harbor seals enjoy greeting our guests up close. Includes: harbor seals!

Please Note

Some interactive exhibits contain magnets that may interfere with pacemakers, ICDs, and other implanted devices.

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