Resort Season Parking Fees Begin On April 1

Following the City of Virginia Beach's parking schedule for the resort season, the City will resume charging a $5 daily parking fee in Aquarium lots beginning April 1. Members can enjoy free parking year-round!

Beluga whale with head out of water and mouth open as if laughing.

Bamboozled. Bewildered. Befuddled. Beluga'ed.

The only U.S. state belugas are found in is Alaska. We would be very alarmed to encounter one locally.

Our Stranding Response Team does work with other species of marine mammals though, as well as sea turtles! They respond to and rehabilitate stranded animals year-round, and are currently gearing up for hooking season, when sea turtles get caught on fishing hooks during the warmer months of the year. Your support helps them continue their conservation and research efforts. Consider giving a gift to the Stranding Response Program today!

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