From time to time, select exhibits will close for renovation to reinvigorate the guest experience, provide routine maintenance, and ensure a safe space for our animals to inhabit. We cannot wait to welcome guests back to these areas soon, but in the meantime, follow along and learn about the progress below!

What's Under Construction

Moon Jellies Floating In Water

North Building Jellies Exhibit

Our jellies at the North Building have moved to the South Building and taken up residence in our new Jellies Gallery! Their previous space in the North Building is currently closed.

Marsh Pond

Marsh Pond

Much of the work to deepen the pond has been completed. Work on the surrounding deck continues and new plants will be added around the area at a later time. Though the deck area leading to the pond has been closed off, the rest of the Marsh Loop (accessible from our main exhibit spaces) remains open to guests.

About Our Animals and Exhibits

Take a deeper look at the animals and exhibits we currently have open! 

Greenie the Green Sea Turtle Waving

North Building

Our North Building, as our main building, houses most of our larger species such as harbor seals, sea turtles, sharks, Komodo dragons, and more.

North Building Exhibits
Homer the otter rests on a dock in his exhibit

South Building

The South Building houses our otters, superpowered sea creatures, jellies, and interactive exhibits, as well as the entrance to the Adventure Park!

South Building Exhibits
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