Creek Cleanup volunteers in high vis vests search for trash

Monthly | 9:00am-11:00am | North Building.

Register by 12:00pm on Tuesday, March 12.

This is a fun and fin-tastic way for families and groups to be outside and working together! Trash that finds its way into the ocean can travel long distances with the currents and winds. Plastic bags and plastic wrap can suffocate marine animals and fish. Birds can easily entangle themselves in plastic six-pack rings and strings. Animals can also get sick or die from swallowing trash, such as cigarette butts. Humans, animals, and plants all need unpolluted water to survive. Help us keep our local marine and aquatic wildlife safe by giving a few hours of your time to clean up this trash.

Important Creek Cleanup Details

Carefully follow the instructions below and if you have questions about registering, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Office.

1. Determine if you are an Individual, a Team Member, or a Team Captain:

  • Individual - Participants who are volunteering independently and not with anyone else. Continue to Step 2.
    (NOTE: Participants under 18 may not register as Individuals. Even a parent registering with a child is considered a Group, with the Parent as the Team Captain.)
  • Group - Two or more participants who want to volunteer together.
    Each Group must have a Name and one person assigned as the Team Captain. All others in the Group are Team Members.
    After determining if you are a Team Captain or a Team Member, continue to Step 3.

2. Click the button below that says REGISTER FOR CREEK CLEANUP to access the form.
(NOTE: Team Members will need to know the name of their Group. Team Captains will need to know the Group name and the total number of participants in the Group, including themselves.)

3. Under Registration Type select either Individual, Team Member, or Team Captain.

4. Select the specific event or events you wish to register for.

5. Fill out the entire form completely and then click SUBMIT.

Advance registration is required for each event and the dates for each are above. Please first read the instructions above before registering.

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