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Sharks After Dark

First Thursday of the month | 6:00pm-9:00pm | North Building. Join us for a special evening scheduled just for adults (21+ only)! Whether you bring a friend or choose to come…

Sensory Friendly Morning

Second Saturday of the month | 7:30am-9:00am | North Building. Families that have members with different abilities are invited to visit the Aquarium in a calm, comfortable, s…

March Member Night

6:00pm-8:30pm. We want to say thank you to our Members for their support! In addition to the monthly Membership perks, we invite you to enjoy a March Member after-hours event…

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Learn about the animals, exhibits, and experiences you'll find in this newly-renovated facility.

About the South Building
A loggerhead sea turtle swims close to the camera

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The loggerhead is the most abundant species of sea turtle that nests in the United States. One of the larger species of sea turtle, the average weight of adults is around 250 pounds.

A harbor seal underwater looks back at the camera and winks.

Harbor Seal

Harbor seals are frequent visitors to our area during the winter, when they swim south from New England to escape the more frigid waters of the north.


Thousands of animals. Hundreds of species. One incredible experience.

Learn about animals from all over our blue planet, from the depths of the ocean to the rivers of the rainforest.

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